Because the surgeries we offer are all cosmetic, and completely elective, we do not work with any insurance providers.

We do not work with insurance providers, making all services at this location the financial responsibility of the patient.

Cash, Credit, Apple Pay, Check

To book a surgical consultation with Dr. Raj, there is a booking fee of $250 due at the time of scheduling. That money will then go towards the total surgeon’s fee portion of your surgery, or can be used for any other treatment or product in our office.

To book a service with Ashlee McGuire, APRN or Ashley Nestle, PA, there is a $60 booking fee do at the time of scheduling. This $60 will go towards the total amount owed after your appointment. 

At least 48 hours notice is needed for booking/consult fees to roll over to a rescheduled appointment without penalty. In the case of a no-show or if the appointment is canceled with less than 48 hours notice, the patient may be subjected to a $50-100 rescheduling fee; which will also go towards the future surgery or treatment.

Dr. Raj does surgeries for his private office on the fourth Monday of the month at the Advent Health on E Rollins St in Orlando, FL.

This can be found on our non-surgical services page, here.